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Ingrid Baensch
Name Ingrid Baensch
Location North Hills, CA
Age 82
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Hobbies Gardening computer
About Me i am 81 years and been a widow since jan 2003. I had 2 wonderful Sons the first one was killed by a Drunk Driver in 1980 when he was 23 the other one was killed on the 101 in 1999 in a heavy rainstorm he was 32 and left behind a baby Girl 2 month and a Boy 3years old. My husband was taken from me from an aggressive Cancer within 3 Months. I would like to find out how to connect with Your Guest Theresa Caputo
Ingrid Baensch
Cher, ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo
447 days ago

Hi Ellen. is there any chance to get in Touch with Theresa Caputo?