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Inger Davidsen
Name Inger Davidsen
Location Malmö, Sweden
Joined 558 days ago
Hobbies my ferrets, i am active to have a voice to the voiceless in animals-right!
About Me I'm born in Greenland, but moved to Sweden when i a was 6 years. I have 3 beutyful amazing children. And i have 2 catss and 3 ferrets that makes my life complette <3
Inger Davidsen
Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
558 days ago

Hi! When the superstar Jennifer Lopez comes to your show, please ask her why FUR is so important for her. She is a truly good person, but in my eye's she is getting really low cos her choise to wear fur!! cos fur has been a living being with hopes, love and needs just you and me! It is so cool to be a no wear fur person! And say proundly i stand behind a living being in this world <3 cos you wont wear your cat or dog's fur to be cool. FUR IS MURDER!!