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Ines Teran
Name Ines Teran
Location Los Angeles, california
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Hobbies Loved traveling when I can I take small vacations because I need to get dyalisis when I visit I can't stay long because out of state I have to pay part of my treatments and I never have enough to stay with my family as long as I would like too
About Me I love God I miss my mom whose with him I love my family country music photography I love writing poetry and I love your show
Ines Teran
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115 days ago

Ellen two of my sister and I have lupus one of my sisters and I get dyalisis and my other sister one thanksgiving day at the table started crying from pain on her legs when my dad got her to the hospital she was paralyzed from the sternum down her lupus caused her a blood clot on the spine and left her paralyzed when my sister and I arrived she said she was happy it happened to her and not to us and we all cried and cried and cried my sister calls me her hero because I saved her life twice but she's my hero because every time I want to give up on life because it gets too hard I stop and and think of my sister and how much harder her life is I get the strength to carry on my sisters are Awesome couldn't have made it without them I just want one awesome holiday we can hold onto get rid of the Thanksgiving I love. Your strength I love the kindness in your soul and the generosity of your heart even if I don't get tickets you too have been an inspiration in my life so thank you for being you.