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Inci Reynolds
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Hobbies Erading,writing,volunter work,traveling.
About Me I am a 67 year old single mother of 3 boys and a grandmother of their 3boys:)I got sick( Trigeminal Neurolgia)lost my job@the age of 59.Since then couldn't work Trigeminal took everything from me. 2 years later I got breast cancer, fought alone and won the battle.Just completed my 5 year remission.Oleyyy!!! But living on my savings made me a poor grandma..Last few years I have not giving gifts to my children, grandchildren.They say they still love me but sometimes I wonder..I was young, attractive mother and grandma till I got sick..Now I am old, not atractive and fat!! But I am alive!!!And love life, living.. I guess thats all folks:)))
Inci Reynolds
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Inci Reynolds
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587 days ago

I must be crazy to think I might win @ list one Christmas gift from the 12 days Giveaways, I entered almost everyday!:)) Now that I know I didn't win, I am O.K. and happy for the winners.

I hope you and your family Have a very Merry X-mas and a great New Year.. Feliz Navidad.. And 2013 Yilinin en guzel gunleri sizlerin olsun!
I hope I live till next year or till next Christmas and come see you in person. Love and happiness always..

Inci Reynolds
You Write, Ellen Responds!
588 days ago

I wrote to you several times but didn't see my comments.. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I never entered 12 days of giving before.. Last year just wrote once..This year I decided to enter cause I had a feeling I would win a day of prices..Well didn't work..It is OK I guess. But this 67 years old grandma was hoping to win so she can give her grandchildren some gifts. I think you are wonderful and care for people a lot. So I am happy for the people who won.. Keep up the good work and Have a very merry X-Mas and a wonderful new Year. Yeni Yilin en guzel gunlerinin senin ve ailenin olmasi dilekleriyle..

P.S.May I adope you as my grand-daughter,I don't have one..Have 3 boys and 3 grandsons:)

Inci Reynolds
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
594 days ago

Ellen, I love you like a daughter I wanted so much,but never had. I love your show too ofcourse.
In my life I never won a thing..This year I decided to enter your 12 days of give-aways. I know I will not win but today I said to myself after all it is 12/12/12.....So people got married, women had babies with C-section. Cause it is spoused to be a lucky day!! Well who knows it might be my lucky day!!:))))

Inci Reynolds
See the Winners from Day 3 of 12 Days!
600 days ago

I am not a greedy person. So from all the 12 days give-aways, if I win just one item I will be so greatfull. But if I don't win it is O.K..Still I wish you Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Love you and your show...