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Hi, my name is Imely. Last year I had the most challenging year of my life. I was diagnosed with Stage 2a Breast Cancer. I was only 44 years old. No one in our family has ever had cancer. I was the first. I went through a Lumpectomy followed by a 2nd surgery a week later to clear margins because there was more cancer on the breast. The pathology report came back positive for an infected lymph node. This would mean that I would require chemotherapy, radiation, and the cancer fighting pill Tamoxifen for the next 5 years. I was worried because I have a twin sister. The breast surgeon put in an order right away to get my sister checked out with a mammogram. She was clear of cancer. Thank God!

This past May, I went with my sister to get her yearly mammogram. After being screened, my sister told me she felt as though something was wrong because she experienced lots of pain on one breast during the procedure. A few days later she was told she'd have to return for a diagnostic/repeat mammogram which would be followed with a biopsy. The results are bad. She too has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Her diagnosis is much better than mine: Stage 0 which would require a Lumpectomy, Radiation and the Tamoxifen pill. My cancer was an invasive cancer which means it would spread. Her type of cancer is DCIS which means it doesn't.

Her surgery is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday July 24th. My sister and her girls will be staying with me for a few days after surgery so I can care for her since she lives on the opposite side of the city.

She has done so much for me. Not only did she suffer along with me but she was there from day one until the very end of treatment. She took me to ALL of my chemo sessions and every single one of my doctors visits. Even after completing all of my treatment, she continues to accompany me to follow-up visits. She is my best friend. She's my twin and I want the very best for her. I know how much she really enjoys reading so I thought...what better reading than that of beautiful supportive words coming from people that really care.

If there are any other Breast Cancer Survivors out there please send her some words of support. There's nothing better than hearing it from a real SURVIVOR!

This is my address but you can send your letters or cards to her attention since she'll be staying here through the weekend.

Imely Correa
% Zulma Correa
4024 N Francisco Ave
Chicago, Ill 60618

Thank you soooooooo much!!! I look forward to seeing the extra smiles on her face. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

By the way, we share the same birthday as you Ellen January 26th :)