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About Me I am new to California and enjoying life with my beloved. I love this show.
Imelda M
Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Bucatinsky
147 days ago

My hubby and I were able to join the audience for yesterday's show. It was a great experience. Lots of dancing and cheering. Oh did I say we were rockin' and rollin' :)
One special happening to my boo's life too..

Thank you so much for the opportunity.Simply unforgettable.We had a wonderful time. Until next time. Kudos to you Ellen and whole show..:-)

Imelda M
Message from Ellen
170 days ago

Hello Ellen,
I got a call last week from your show informing me that though there is no available seat for my requested date to be audience, I am on the stand by.. I was sooo excited this is a gift for my birthday!!! I hope I get to be in on that date or another schedule. I have always loved your show. And soo thankful that you feature more talents from all over the world. God bless you with more success,good health,& happiness..Great guests for this week too... :)