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I'Loner L. Weaver
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About Me I am the mother of 2 beautiful women and the grandmother of 5. I work as a victim advocate in the state of rhode islands superior court. love you!!
I'Loner L. Weaver
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581 days ago

Dear Ellen:
I love your show! I especially love the shows where you pay it forward. I would like to tell you about my sister in law Iris. She is about the most unselfish person I know. She has always bent over backwards for our family, so much to the point she put her life on hold to take custody of her nieces when their mother passed away and their father could not step up to the plate. Times have gotten hard for her going from a single woman with no children to the immediate caregiver for 3 children two of which are teenagers, but she has hung in there, one of the girls is in college now, one i high school and the other is dealing with getting herself together. Iris has such a huge heart and I am a personal benefactor of her unselfishness as she helped me immensely when my children were growing up. I think she deserves the 12 days of Christmas because she has made so many days seem like Christmas for her family!! I could go on and on but there are not enough words to describe how very grateful I am that she entered my life and has remained my constant friend and sister. If you consider anyone, I think it should be her!!!