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Name Ila
Location santamaria, Ca
Age 51
Joined 675 days ago
Hobbies Love cooking shopping and walking and watching Ellen show
About Me I am a qmother of two . One boy who is 30 years old and lives in England . My daughter is 20 years old and lives in Santa Barbara where she studies. I myself live in Santa Maria I work for IHSS loking after old people and I enjoy my job xxxx
Win an Ellen Hoodie
479 days ago

Hi Ellen I am loveing that hoodie I won't win so I can where when go I love you and I am so much your fan love ila xxxxxx

Photo: Ellen & Portia Cruise the Harbor
486 days ago

Hi Ellen & Portia Aww you both picture in cruise very nice have fun and enjoy see you soon I miss you can't way to tel us about a Australia have fun love ila xxxxxxx

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