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Ida Larwa
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About Me I am 47 years old and have 10 grandkids... Jeff Jr.13..Emmie Rose 9..Jacob..7 DeeDee 6.. Lil Joey 8..IzaDora 6..Jeremy Andre 4..Thomas 8.. Stevie 4.. and Jason 1.. I love them all so much and that is my life.. I have 3 boy and a wonderful husband that Puts up with me and everyone else.
Ida Larwa
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584 days ago

Ellan You are the best. I love who you are and what you do for people. My grand daughter Emily Rose has been upset that my husband and I don't have a Van. I always have more than 3 or 4 grand children at home. I can't take them any where because we have a small car and my Dads truck that hasn't worked in 2 years. She was watching your show where you gave out car and she said Grandma you really need to call Ellan. Ellan will help us. She is like so helpful. Ellan you should be proud that people look at you as someone that helps others out... I thought is was beautiful that Emmie sees you as a giving person..
Emmie not only was thinking of her but I guess her Grandpa too? She says Grandpa needs a new car that we could all fit in.
In August we went to Corpus for vacation with 6 grand kids and we rented a van.. It was really nice and had all these cool things in it. The cost was 400.00 dollars for the renal car.
So I am writing in hopes that you could help me,my husband and my grand kids... Emmie wouldn't know what to do if this came true.. Thank You Ms. Ellan