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Ida Gonzalez
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About Me Since my Son Anthony's Murder I have volunteered with parents of murdered children.Now I am on the board of directors. I go to the confrence when I can afford it.I am certified since last May.I try to get funds to help other family's that have lost a loved one.I believe in helping others especially during the holidays. They are the hardest for everyone.
Ida Gonzalez
Holly Berry Revealed!
232 days ago

Thank you Ellen for making me laugh once again,and dance.This time of Season is always very hard for us. My Son was Murdered in may 19,1999.The same Month my father died 5 days earlier.We usually Don't Celebrate Christmas at all. Because Anthony's Birthday is on Dec 14,. It has truly been very hard and we tried to get back the spirit. You have made me laugh so hard I have cried.I love when you dance because I get up and dance with you. And I just think your show is so Great that I never miss it. Unless I have a dr. Appt and then I can't watch you. Please tell Portia Hi for me ok,and give the kids a hug also love you ..And Great Show you always have Awesome Guest on keep up the Good Job we love you Ellen ..WOW Great Gifts Today MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎄🎄