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Hunter Csoppu
Name Hunter Csoppu
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Hobbies reading, watching Ellen. listening to music, and being with my family and friends
About Me I love Katy perry!!! I love to read and riding my four wheeler or golf cart.
Hunter Csoppu
Do You Love Pop Music?
423 days ago

Dear Ellen, My name is Hunter and I am the big Katy Perry fan. Katy Perry is so amazing. I have loved Katy every since I saw her in concert at the Z100 Zootopia in 2008. I have always been wanting to go to your show and meet you and Katy. Katy has been my person to look up to ever since my daddy passed away in 2011 when I was 13. I have looked up everything I could find about Katy, have this binder full of Katy Perry things, as in pictures of her and her bio. I have her movie and went to see her movie 3 times. I AM ONE OF HER FIRWORKS. I know all of her songs and even the one that really no one knows called The Box. I would appreciate you reading this and thinking about me meeting Katy and you. Love you Ellen,
xoxo, Hunter.