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Howard Mayrant
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Hobbies COllect antique toy cars.
About Me Proud father of a wonderful special needs daughter!
Howard Mayrant
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135 days ago

Hi Ellen! Dolores Hawkes is a dedicated mother living in Glendale with our cerebral palsy daughter Paige. We met in ‘62 dated and were married. Dolores wanted a baby and I didn’t. Arguments forced me out in 71! Later she called for a date and Paige was born at only 2 pounds with cerebral palsy. Our lives were never the same! Paige’s life was saved with pure oxygen but caused brain damage & blindness! She will never walk, talk, feed herself and be blind, but she did have hearing! We could teach her to understand the world around her through sound. She was a ‘music savant’ and could hum every note of a song after hearing it only once in perfect pitch and not miss a note! We divorced in ’82 and stayed friends because of Paige! Dolores has dedicated her life to Paige! I’m 75 now and have never missed a child support payment. Paige’s is as big as mommy now but Dolores still lifts her into her wheelchair every morning for school. Dolores has fought off heart problems but her dedication will always be for the care and protection of Paige. What could really help Dolores is a new lift-gate van. She never asks for anything, so I’m doing it for her! She is a role-model and inspiration to all mothers of handicapped children! She is AMAZING!! Thanks, Howard