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Holly M. Beauchamp
Name Holly M. Beauchamp
Location Glasgow, KY
Age 44
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Hobbies Artist, Painting, Sculpture, Reading Factual Nerdy Books, Watching Ellen and watching funny videos
About Me I am a Fine Artist/Muralist working to pay bills you know, I love animals and being outside. I have only been married for 4 years to my husband Frankie and his two children. We live in the middle of a farm owned by his brother and father, we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, about 15 chickens, a rabbit and one beautiful Bluejay that lives with us after I rescued him from a cat attack, he is 5 years old now. My Mother just passed away from Lung Cancer Nov15 of this year and Im just living day by day trying to hold it together for my dad. And I can't wait for the world to see my art work someday, My art is my passion, my job and my life. :) Thankyou, Holly M. Beauchamp
Holly M. Beauchamp
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602 days ago

My nameis Holly M Beauchamp, I am an fine artist/muralist, I work out of my Ford explorer painting murals for money. A few years back I got married an now live in the woods in Glasgow ky, a few weeks ago my Mother passed away with stage 4 Lung Cancer and it was the most Awful thing in the world so far. I had to drive back an forth so much in my ol truck its not working so well and I depend on it for work and my father. They only lived about a hour away and I do most of my work around the area. Mt husband is a teacher at a low buget school and I have not been working from taking care of my mom up until her death Nov 15,She made me promise that I would care for my father and I have the constant fear of my truck dying, We just had to take out a loan for 2,ooo dollars(all the bank would loan us) to pay the house tax and buy his two children, my bonus children,that live with us, christmas gifts as well as $400 to fix my truck again(The macanic says the old thing is not worth fixing any longer and I am scared, what will I do, I have never been anything but an artist and the few jobs I get here an there is all we have to barley make it, I also have to barter and trade out work at my dentist office working every Fri and Sat to pay off a large bill, I am so Thankful that he lets me do this along with the other wonderful people that let me do this, but with no car I dont know how I will be able to care for my Father, or work ...lost and Scared...Thankyou..Holly M. Beauchamp