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Holly Higgins
Name Holly Higgins
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Hobbies Living! Being a good person and raising my daughter to do the same. That is my hobby.
About Me Talking about myself is not a strong point of mine. I spend a lot of time making others smile and helping them to feel great about themselves. I prefer to be behind the scenes observing. The best feeling in the world is knowing I helped another feel better. I a mom before I am anything else. I have a few tattoos that mark special moments with my girls. I am different, but I am me. I see the beauty of life and take it day by day. The best way to know me is to meet me I would say. I am an open book.
Holly Higgins
Colin Farrell's Girlfriend Search
462 days ago

So first let me say this is my first time I have ever written to any show. Quite honestly, I don't have tv so I don't watch. However, I read alot! Ellen, you are an amazing woman! You live to be happy as life should be lived and you stand up for what you believe in. Not many women in this world have the opportunity to reach the world with so many positive messages. So, thank you for that.
Now that I did the silly "star struck" thing I watched the clip with Colin Farrel about having a girlfriend. I have never been the type to follow stars or have posters as a young girl. But for some reason today I felt the need to put myself out there a bit. Would a person like Colin ever be able to be happy with a small town woman who has no interest in being known? And if by chance he would, how would a meeting like that ever happen?
Anywho, thank you for all you do.