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Holly Bee
Name Holly Bee
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Hobbies Swimming, gardening, animals
About Me I am a NJ woman who loves animals and volunteers with cats at St. Hubert's Giralda in NJ,every other week. I work in the medical field and love to watch Ellen when I can. Just caught her show today.
Holly Bee
Presidential Know or Go
560 days ago

WHERE'S THE LITTLE KIDS BIKES? Oh Ellen! You messed up this time. When they brought the 3 bikes out for those idiots (who make a living off being stupid. What are they gonna do now I wonder?) I saw the littlest kid looking around like "Where's my bike?" I felt so sorry for him! After all, he and his brother got all the answers right and should have gotten bikes for that. That's not right... I read his little face when they brought those bikes out. You gotta know kids to know what he was thinking. And he was adorable! The way he wiped his mouth off when his brother covered his mouth to shut him up was priceless!