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Hillary Silva Repetto
Name Hillary Silva Repetto
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Hobbies Crocheting, animal rights.
About Me I have three fur babies that are my real children!
Hillary Silva Repetto
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
526 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am writing this letter to actually nominate myself as a person in need. I live just south of Atlanta with my 2nd husband that is from Peru. We met two and a half years ago & fell in love very quickly. He would take me out all of the time & treat me very well. We got married after only knowing each other for 7 months & I moved into his house. Later that year I lost my job due to various medical conditions. I am still unemployed & have had so many procedures done on my back over the last almost 2 years that I can't even remember how many I've had. Here's my issue- I am fairly certain my husband married me just to get his residency as he started to get really mean after I lost my job. He verbally/mentally/emotionally abuses me each & every day. I feel like I am an inch tall. I could understand him being upset about me not working, but I probably need to be on disability as all of my Dr's have told me that. He also makes good money & has a mortgage of only $240.00/month! He is not hurting at all! But I am- nothing is shared & never has been- I have to get my own groceries/house supplies/gas/ & pay for all of my bills. I need out of here so bad because his abuse has made me very depressed & suicidal. I do not want to have him deported, even though he does not treat me well, I do not wish anything bad on him. He doesn't show me affection, we have not even been intimate since before the wedding (he has turned me down). I do not have money to leave, can you please help? I love you so much Ellen! I watch you every day & you are truly my hero.