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Helene Seinfeld
Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
625 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I "live" in Oceanside, New York and we lost everything! Our house was under renovation and all our belongings that were not in our bedrooms etc.were stored in Two 22ft containers in our driveway...they were all damaged . We had over 5 feet of water on the ground floor! It's like a war zone here...I hope that Insurance and FEMA will be there for us. My heart is breaking for all the loss in my area. I just spent a month in the hospital and have been recovering from my surgery and now this...we have lost all our belongings and don't even have winter coats but at the end of the day's just stuff...we are Ok .

I guess you could say we were lucky to have made hotel reservations before Sandy hit (the weather reports were so scary) we left Sunday afternoon with the 2 dogs but never expected such devastation...we are still in the hotel and can't move home for weeks maybe months. Everyday gets tougher...but I always try to have a positive outlook and friends and family have been so supportive.

Floating in a box of old photos (stored in the garage) was my grandfather's Star of David from the Concentration camps...he was an amazing man. Surviving 7 camps and losing his wife and 3 daughters he came here from Poland and started his life over.

We will survive this too!!!!! Helene Seinfeld