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Helen Tomlinson
Name Helen Tomlinson
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Hobbies Collecting Bond No 9 Perfumes
About Me I am a 67 year old woman that still works full time out of necessity for medical benefits. And so I can buy expensive perfume and spoil my 5 grandchildren. I am tired and feel 67 this year! I work for Marriott International in the Western South Central Regional Office. I wish Ellen would come to our office to see how us Sales Managers sell multiple hotels from Plano, Texas We have a beautiful office with maybe 100 Sales people and we have lots of fun at work. I have worked for Marriott for over 20 years and so has my husband. My children and grandchildren are Hotel Brats!
Helen Tomlinson
An Hour with Justin Timberlake
454 days ago

I love Justin Timberlake so does my husband, my daughter and my grandaughter, 3 Genrations of Justin Timberlake fans. I am 67 years young