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Helen Stewart
Name Helen Stewart
Age 27
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Hobbies School, Music and Ceremonial Officiant
About Me I served 6.5 years in the Air Force as Military Police, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon getting out of the military, I have been taking classes full time while working two jobs to survive. I am thankful for an amazing family and girlfriend anyone could have asked for.
Helen Stewart
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228 days ago

I have always been a fan of your show! I've written while I was deployed a few years ago, hoping for some kind of response, but I understand the chances. Watching your show does help my PTSD. I always need that extra comedy in my life and my girlfriend and your show is where I get it!

Helen Stewart
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229 days ago

Hi Ellen. I have written a few letters back when I was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but never heard back. I understand the possibility of that. I just hope to win any of your prizes so that I can give to my parents who still over-work their butts off and look out for me and my sister when in need. My family means everything and winning any of these prizes will go towards them in thanks for all they do.

Thank You.