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Helen Prestia
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Helen Prestia
Ellen's Got Socks!
506 days ago

Ellen, I love the onsie feety pjs. I want to win them for my daughter. She could be your onsie model.

Helen Prestia
Message from Ellen
520 days ago

sorry for the typo, it's Run by Donna Guy not Gut. Oops,

Helen Prestia
Message from Ellen
520 days ago

A friend of mine, Donna Gut, started Birthday Sprinkles for Children. It's just getting started. I think it's a wonderful idea. I would love it if you could share this info since it is a nonprofit org. She could use all the donations she get.


We are a nonprofit organization geared to making children feel extra special on the most special days of the year...THEIR BIRTHDAY!!!

Recent months have truly been tough on anyone in Superstorm Sandy's path. It was especially rough on the children. Aside from no longer having a home to feel safe in, many of them found out about Santa's exsistence the hard way. Despite the many generous people who donated time, food, clothing, and toys, many children still did without.
Remember being a child and the belly full of butterflies you got the night before your birthday? That's the feeling we want to give to children who have had a rough go of it. Sometimes there just isn't enough in the budget for Mom and Dad to have to splurge on extra goodies for a birthday. With your help and generosity, we can help give a child in need a birthday to remember.

Your donation will help with the expenses of a birthday party. Someday we would love to include a venue, but since we are just starting out, a "Birthday Box" will include all the makings for a party.
*invitations for up to 8 children
*themed cups, plates, etc.
*goody bags and favors
* balloons
* refreshments
* and a gift for the birthday boy/girl!

Helen Prestia
Message from Ellen
527 days ago

I love, love, love your show. You always make me laugh & you are such a generous person. The world could use more people like you in it. My daughter and I used to watch together all the time. Now that she is away at college I watch with my dogs. Bullitt is the first dog I ever had that actually watches TV. He gets very excited when you show videos of animals.