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Helen Howey
Name Helen Howey
Location Lafayette, NJ
Age 57
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Hobbies The Ellen Show! Animals, just love them...their love is so unconditional. taking pictures of family, friends, pets, trees, flowers...
About Me I love watching your show as you insire me to be kind to others. My goal is every day to reach out to someone to let them know I care. Today, I bought a bag of groceries for this neighbor who is having a difficult time. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend who just lost her sister to suicide. Some days my be kind to others are on a smaller scale and other days I try to do more. I also LOVE your pranks! I laugh SO hard! Especially when someone has to say exactly what you tell them to say!
Helen Howey
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 6!
440 days ago

I voted once but can I vote again! There are SO many fantastic episodes! You should make a DVD like Oprah did but with YOUR segments! HINT!!!!!!
I LOVE your new game and I am such a game person but I can't play it on my phone.
I love Rosie and Sophia Grace but that little boy who was on yesterday broke my heart...he was SO precious! I love when he held your hand!
THANK YOU for giving us the best entertainment! I will be looking for that DVD!!!