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Helen French-Mellon
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Helen French-Mellon
Have You Been Inspired to 'Play It Forward'?
582 days ago

The 500 children of Sandy Hook Elementary displaced by the shooting will be beginning school at a new location on 12/19/2012 and their teachers need our help.
Lined paper
Teachers supplies
Glue sticks and pencils
We will be collecting school supplies on Wed., 12/19 at the Brass Hill Center in Waterbury from 3 to 8pm. (Lower level on the Sears Court)
Please Help if you can.
God Bless all of you

Helen French-Mellon
Message from Ellen
582 days ago

I must add....that I did just chuckle a I read some of the viewers posts....on how they have never won anything before in their lives. I would like to share that I actually once won a POUND of American CHEESE....weekly...for a YEAR! It was much appreciated! my kids were little at the time....they no longer like grilled cheese..but hey, I was grateful! :)

Helen French-Mellon
Message from Ellen
582 days ago

Thank you for the gift of laughter. I haven't watched your show in a few days. I live in Watertown, CT. 15 minutes away from this unimaginable tragedy. I am truly at a complete loss for words. I pray somehow, in time, we all heal....but I'm not sure any of us truly will heal 100 percent. The Nation is mourning and there is no way to ever make sense of this. I truly have always believed that laughter is the best medicine and have a great sense of humor....but just can't laugh lately. Christmas spirit, no I just don't know how it's possible to "celebrate" this year. One vision that stays in my mind is those precious children, who I have to believe, are now up in Heaven....Celebrating the Birthday of our Lord, Jesus.....along With Him and all of the angels....
Please continue with your amazing gift of making people smile and laugh daily. You are an amazing and caring woman.
God Bless you and all during this "Holiday" Season.