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Helen Ferguson
Name Helen Ferguson
Location chicago, Illinois
Age 66
Joined 612 days ago
Hobbies camping, fishing, traveling, spending time with Grandchildren, watching Ellen
About Me I am a mother of 5 children 4 Grandchildren,am retired turning 65 years old this Dec. Love Life, Love people I try and help whenever and wherever I can..
Helen Ferguson
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222 days ago

Ellen, We LOVE you and would love to win one of your 12 days of Christmas... Please, I watch & dance with you everyday..

Helen Ferguson
You Write, Ellen Responds!
289 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I was on your web site last Monday when you said Hi Chicagoens, I am coming to Chicago tomorrow How have you bean... Well I got soooo excited that I new the hint was the Bean at Millenium Park soo I got up on Tuesday and said to my husband no way am I going to miss seeing Ellen.So,I took the train downtown and waited until Jeannie came with her/your crew.I also got my picture took with Jeannie what a sweet girl. And she said that you were not coming that she would tweet what the theme would be at 4, (Happy) well I hung around for a couple more hours walking around the beautiful park and looked around it was mostly all young people and since I am 66 years old that I may as well go home. But, I still had fun meeting Jeannie was GREAT I wish you would of been there but all was GOOD.. I love dancing with you everyday..... Love you Ellen

Helen Ferguson
Message from Ellen
318 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Watch you everyday and love dancing with you. I think you and your dancing makes us all feel young again. I am 65 and I do not feel it dancing with Ellen. You really are a wonderful person. God Bless. Love You Ellen!

Helen Ferguson
Ellen's Birthday Busts
545 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen!!

Helen Ferguson
Message from Ellen
564 days ago

Hi Ellen
Happy New Year.... I will be watching, sooo excited..

We Love YOU Ellen....

Helen Ferguson
It's The Last Day of the 12 Days of Giveaways!
584 days ago

Love the show... Love Ellen.. LOVE TO DANCE WITH HER EVERYDAY..
She makes us all smile, and so thankful for all the things she does for needy people..Would LOVE to win tickets to the 12 day
giveaways... Mery Christmas to ALL...

Helen Ferguson
Win Every Single 12 Days Prize
611 days ago

Todays word is JOY

Helen Ferguson
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
612 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Want to thank you for all you do for a lot of people.

God Bless You.
And Thank You for the dance everday. When you come on and I start dancing with you makes me not feel like I am having my 65th birthday in Dec..We Love you Ellen..