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Name Helen
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Hobbies basketball,swimming
About Me My name is Helen and i play basketball,i love Justin Bieber and One Direction!! My favorite color is blue and green:)
One Direction and Keira Knightley
618 days ago

Hey Ellen, I LOVE ONE DIRECTION SO MUCH! Please i would love to meet them.I would go to there concert but i cant afford it.I cry for them there awesome and i love there songs.. Ellen please your the nicest person ever and I know theres millon people who want this but if i get picked it will be my dream come true!I LOVE YOU AND 1D !!!!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! <33333333333333333333333333333333333 Also thank you for helping others when they need help your amazing and very nice I would love to meet u but i wish my mom let me :( LOVE U FOREVER!!!!!<3