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Name Helen
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Age 51
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Hobbies Writing, baking, writing and writing : )
About Me I just turned 50, I celebrated my birthday while living at the Crestview Nursing Home/ Rehab recovering from a car/ Pedestrian accident that happen in Dec of 2012. There was a Professor of Science recovering at the same time, he bought me a can of coke, and to bags of fruit snacks. I am a first time author, the name of my book is " The Crowds" Jasmine Inkwell, publisher Xlibris and Publish America and they are both ripping me off along with Tyler Perry, you know Madea : ( It's because of these people That I have lived a homeless life for the last2 and a half years and he still along with everyone else refuse to pay me my money, it's get' even more interesting, please have me on your show, you want be sorry, PEACE.
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430 days ago

I need some airtime. My situation is very critical, I am at the CRESTVIEW Nursing Home, recovering from a broken leg I received from a pedestrian/SUV accidental living homeless on the street.
I dont have a picture, at least one I can upload on the Nursing home computer, but I really need my story to be told, you really want to know, and it's all true
The address is 2800 springdale RD Sw, Atlanta Ga 30315, the likelihood of my getting a message from a phone here is next to impossible, these people will delibereitly withhold messages. I really need your help, please send me a notification to my email, are here by priority mail, I will receive it.
I will be homless when I leave here, if I dont get any help, PEACE.