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Heidi Vincent
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About Me I just moved to Port Aransas, Texas from Wichita, Kansas. Its been a long year and half due to selling a home. My husband had to relocate before us. We were separated for over a year until the home sold. Bad time to sell a home. We finally are here in Port Aransas all together looking for a new home. I guess I am trying to find a new me too. Had to leave my job and friends behind. It is hard to start over in your late 40's. But everyday is a blessing and a new challenge.
Heidi Vincent
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563 days ago

Dear Ellen, thank you for the opportunity to try to win. It seems from reading your responds from your at home viewers they are upset about not winning. As for me I just had fun thinking I might win. To me that was what a contest was about. I always enjoy your show when I get to watch it. You have many viewers who love your show as much as I do. Wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2013. Thank you again, Heidi