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Heather Sutherland
Name Heather Sutherland
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Hobbies spending time with family, cooking,swimming in clear lakes, walking by the river, spending all the time possible with 2 yr old Daughter.
About Me very happy woman about to turn 30, have always been Helen's daughter as she did raise me. i am very giving and would give anyone anything if I had the means. I am currently struggling with the world's addiction to prescription meds, and I am working so hard to make a change in life so that my grandmother( Helen)can see me happy, settled, sober, and finish college in about 13 months. Helen has always been my mom,my dad, my everything. I want to show her she is important and that we all want her happy, healthy, and able to go visit friends she has spread all over the state of Montana,but hasn't been able to drive at all.
Heather Sutherland
A New Car for a Single Mom
244 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am writing in regards to my maternal Grandmother, who actually raised me from the age of two months old and she has always put herself last in every situation in life. Her name is Helen Edden and she is a 72 year old disabled widow, mother of 5, grandmother of at least ten, and great grand mother to 7 children. She is disabled from many back surgeries that sometimes work and others do not. She never complains and at this point her entire back is a cage built out of rods, screws, and artificial disks, so trying to work is not an option for her. She has let me and my two year old daughter live with her and everyday I wish that I had the money to just buy her something dependable, it does not have to be new, we are not picky as she is usually the one trying to assist others with what they may need. I am currently going through drug rehabilitation and am not able to have an real income to help buy her something dependable. The Heep she was driving until it just went qua-put is a 1991 Cadillac that has not been running for over nine months, and she can't afford to get it fixed. Not too mention that she did warily drive this car the past two winters in freezing Montana and the heater did not work at all during those times, it also gets extremely hot during our summers and she of course had no air conditioning either. The total to fix the power steering is $650.00, and Two winters ago she actually did buy a space heater to put in the car in a cheap attempt to stay warm, not safe as it's open hot wires that would always fall over. This amazing, lovely women has helped so many people and never asked for anything in return, I cannot think of anyone that deserves not even a new car, just one to help her get to her doctors appointments which are 55 miles away, and she would love to be able to get out of the house now and then too. Taking drives and inhaling the beauty that only Montana can offer, especially the Bitteroot valley in the town of Hamilton where we reside. My Grandma's income is only $1050.00 monthly from social security; $610.00 going to rent, $125.00 going to the light bill, T.V.,phone and internet runs her $130.00. She also has groceries to buy, her medicines she really needs for her health, which besides her back is amazingly well! After all said and paid she is left with roughly $100.00 per month to last an entire month. That would be things like cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, god forbid an emergency would happen she would be stuck at home. I wish that I could give her the world as I don't think that anyone in her entire life has every truly done something for her just out of the kindness of their heart. When I am well and able i know that I can assist more but I am tapering my body down from a staggering does of methadone and am either pretty sick feeling or in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, so I feel horrible about not being able to buy her a reliable vehicle.
Ellen I watch your show often and you make my day worthwhile, and if this letter finds you and you get a hold of Grams, she is going to crap herself and maybe even be a little embarrassed about it, but sadly the only thing embarrassing is that darn car on its, well its over not even on its last wheel!! I am not asking for charity but there has been so much hurt in our family with everyone consumed with my addiction, this could be the exact lift of spirits that would make my Grandma truly happy and give her a small token of all the great things she has so selflessly done for everyone ever come in contact with her. I could never tell her how much she has been there for me, so i really need your help. Please Miss Ellen, I know you are such a positive generous Blue-eyed Cover Girl I would be beyond honored to hear from you personally even if its a no. I look up to you so much, I like to think I am a bit funny, turns out i am much more raunchy and bitter. I couldn't think of anything that would make more of a change to this special mom, grandma, great-grandma, and special friend and warm loving lady's life. I am honored to have you read this and Ellen Degeneres will know my name!!!! HOLY SH*T!
My name is Heather Sutherland
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