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Heather Ortiz
Name Heather Ortiz
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Hobbies My kiddos, making crafts anywhere from paintings, crochet, bow making, tutus,ect. Also doing hair!
Heather Ortiz
Drew Barrymore, Kenneth Branagh
199 days ago

Hello Ellen! Let me just say I LOVE YOUR SHOW and so does my 2 year old! We can't help but get up and dance with you from our living room every time you come out! Your show is just so much fun for all ages. It's very positive and motivational in many aspects for a full time mommy, wife and student like me! As well as my daughter! She just loves Sofia Grace lol! She's only 2 and knows how to find your channel on YouTube and she will sit and watch and sing along with anything you have going on, lol! Thank you for being you and such a warm, fun and welcoming personality to watch and make ones day better in an instant!!!

~Heather (Odessa, TX)