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About Me originally from san diego, California, now live in Costa Rica and rescue stray dogs and cats and run a sailing charter business; :) life is good. pura vida
Heather Lane
Help Kyle Chandler's Daughter Stop Shark Finning!
551 days ago

Dear Sawyer,

first of all, I want to say how STOKED I am that YOU, young lady, got Ellen Degeneres to mention something SO important to end the slaughter of sharks. Now it would be awesome if we could get her to say something about marine mammals in captivity and about the dolphin slaughters that go on Japan every year, even today as I write this.

Sawyer, my name is Heather and I live in Costa Rica. A lot of people from Texas come here to visit. I am originally from San Diego, California but came here for my love of this lush country. I live in a small town called Playa del Coco, right on the Pacific Ocean. I have been scuba diving and snorkeling hundreds of times and have swam next to nurse sharks, BULL sharks!, and white-tipped reef sharks. Of course they don't do anything to us. Funny thing; Bull sharks are afraid of the bubbles from scuba tanks so they don't come close. The white tipped reef sharks sleep during the day so when we're scuba diving, we can go right up and get our picture taken right next to them! If they wake up, they just get annoyed with us humans and swim away. You are absolutely right, people are afraid of them, and mostly because of the movie "Jaws" and the media.

A LOT of shark fining is done here in the waters of Costa Rica. Recently Costa Rica banned shark fins from coming off boats in the ports, so what the fisherman did to bypass this is unload the boats in Nicaragua and then drive them across the border so that the fins can be shipped to Asian countries.

It's a mess and it's so sad.

When I talk to people who used to live here in Playa del Coco 20 years ago, they say that saw fish and hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks all used to swim near the coast. Now there are none.
I used to eat fish until I learned about the fishing methods. Shrimping business is the worst. The US stopped importing shrimp from this country because of their harmful shrimping methods. They kill dolphins, turtles, sharks, they kill everything for a few shrimp. I became an herbivore actually just last year in September 2012 because I can eat animals now after everything I've learned.

There is an organization in Costa Rica that is working very hard to educate people on turtle and shark conservation. They are called "Pretoma."

I own a sailing tour business down here, which is why I get to go scuba diving and snorkeling all the time. If you ever want to come down here, I would love to take you sailing and I could bring crew who have volunteered with Pretoma and you could talk to people who have scuba dived in Cocos Island and all over this area. I made the website (it's basic) but you can at least see the area and the boat. is the site. I am not inviting you because of the fame of your dad (I admit that I did not know who he was until I saw the Ellen show yesterday.) I want to help you and inspire you, cause what you did yesterday blew me away. I am teary eyed now and yesterday because I am so happy YOU got Ellen to mention anti shark fining on her show that millions of people are watching!!!! Thank you so much for all you're doing!!

Heather Lane from Costa Rica