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Hey Ellen,
What to do with pennies? A group of local NH students has an idea for what to do with 6 million pennies. They are collecting 6 million pennies to represent the 6 million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust.

The group of girls visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. last May as part of an 8th grade trip. The experience was so deeply moving to them that they felt compelled to do something to help educate others, to prevent genocide anywhere again and to foster understanding. They formed "Everyone Counts - the penny project". They came up with the idea that pennies are tossed aside daily, nobody notices but each is unique in some way and each counts. In the Holocaust, few took notice of the individual losses but each life counted and mattered, and when added up, the sheer magnitude of loss is overwhelming and sometimes incomprehensible, especially to youth. The 6 million pennies raised would serve as a visual representation to make this more understandable. Then, the sixty thousand dollars would be donated to other causes chosen by the youth.
Pretty cool for a group of kids, huh? Those girls are now 9th graders at Kearsarge Regional High School in Sutton, NH. They have a teacher from their middle school acting as an advisor for their group. They have formed a Facebook page and website too. Their school trip sparked something special in these teens. Whether they meet their goal of 6 million pennies or not, they've certainly helped educate others and are an inspiration.