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heather cowles
Name heather cowles
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Hobbies being mommy i love to do crafts with my boys and i love to volunteer at my oldest sons school.
About Me My name is heather i am married to my wonderful hubby chris cowles. i have two boys layton4 and Kaynen2 they are my world. we have the best times together. we love to even watch ellen together they love it lol as much as i do. we love you ellen big fan. :)
heather cowles
Caption This: Happy Birthday!
568 days ago

girl: umm i ate all my cake but im still hungry. may i have some of yours?
boy: no this is mine.
girl: fine ill eat your foot.
boy: girl! what you doing thats my foot. dont eat my foot
girl: mmmm a good foot it is.
boy: ok! ok! ok! here you can have some of my cake. just please dont eat my foot. please!
girl: hehehe i knew that would work.(mumbling under breath)
boy: girls :/

heather cowles
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Bethenny Frankel!
589 days ago

love the ideas that bethenny had for christmas. ellen i jst love the look you gave when she was talkin about the christmad balls. i was cracking up lol. youre just too funny. lol love you ellen!

heather cowles
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

ellen i love your show. i watch it everyday. you always make me laugh and my boys too. ellen i hardly ever ask anyone for help. im always the one helping others when i can. ellen im hoping you can help me out and please let me win something. im not doing this for me i am doing this for my boys. they are 2 and 4 years old and have been really good for santa this year. it breaks my heart not even knowing we will be able to get them anything. they are really expecting santa to visit them on christmas eve. please i beg you to help my babies. i love my babies so much and its not always been like this its just this year we have car trouble and its taking what we got and we havent even had the money for it. are bills are late my husband works so hard for us and he needs help too. he deserve something good for him too. i pray everyday things get better for us you are our only hope. i really hope you get this and consider helping us. i will never ask for anything ever again if you can just help us this one time. we have been through alot but we still manage to stay strong for each other but its hurtful to see your kids disappointed.when we go to the store i they ask for something and i can never get them anything so i want them to have a christmas.please ellen i really would greatly appreciate it i just dont know anyone else who has a heart of gold like you who helps others.well ellen thank you for all you do. hope to talk to you sometimes.