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Heather Burdick
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Heather Burdick
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607 days ago

Hey, Ellen, while we are HUGE fans of Know-or-Go, my husband & I were really surprised when you dropped a contestant for finishing the Old Mother Hubbard rhyme, "One, two, buckle my shoe; three, four, SHUT the door"! You told her it that was incorrect and it was OPEN the door...but that's not the case. We Google'd it just to be sure...we were concerned about you going through the rest of your life under the erroneous impression that you should be opening doors after buckling your shoes. Au contraire, the footwear THEN barricade yourself inside to play pick-up sticks! ;-)
Keep spreading love & laughter the way you do so well...
~ Heather & Morgan Bur****
Oceanside, CA