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Heather Aguilera
Name Heather Aguilera
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Hobbies Prenatal belly art, and body paint
About Me As a professional body painter, I have found Prenatal art to be the most spiritually fulfilling. To have beautiful lasting memories and photos at such a precious and special time in a womens life is priceless!! The gratitude and feedback I recieve is endlessly rewarding. It feels so wonderful to give the gift of beauty to women while expressing my passion colorfully. My goal with every belly painting is to focus on my clients comfort and needs with compassion while creating unique and personally styled prenatal masterpieces that will be loved and treasured for a lifetime. The whole process from beginning to end is designed to be a fun, creative and a rewarding collaboration!! I cherish that my canvases are the most precious and beautiful creations on earth, honoring each women I paint as an artist of life. I love adding swirls of color to an already beautiful canvas, and feel every women, especially while pregnant deserves to always feel pampered, special and "Living Art!!" I am so grateful to all the mommies who invite me to share my gift in such a beautiful and unique light. For the gift I have is not about me, it's for others and how it affects their lives!! Thank you, - Artist, Heather Aguilera Heather's Living Art
Heather Aguilera
Butterfly Belly
469 days ago

I painted that years ago at an event in O.C at an event!! So cool.... Thank you for sending it in!! :) I truly think prenatal belly art is the most beautiful way to celebrate pregnancy!! The butterfly is perfect because it is transformational!! Just like babies and pregnant mommies!!! The art is a blessing and celebration of new life and the beauty of women at there fullest!! Love and Congrats to new life!! Love Heather