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Name Heather
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Hobbies Work, cook and take care if kids
About Me I'm a 37 yr mother of 5 kids.. Four are high school graduates and one is a junior in high school.. I have one in the military and one that's a mother of 2 kids herself
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
232 days ago

Dear Ellen,

My daughter Samantha is a 22 yr single mom of 2 babies.. They are a 3 yr old and 4 mos.. She recently split up with the father cause he kicked her out and now lives with her sisters and their father.. She shares a room with her 2 sisters and her 2 kids.. She is currently out of work due to her car not working .. She is a high school graduate and has really never been able to get a real Job because of her appearance.. She has crooked teeth which she has always been made fun of I school ... She doesn't like to smile and I know if there is someway somehow you can help find someone to fix her teeth she would be a whole new person with a raised self esteem.. We have tried going to several dentists but with the work she needs it is very very expensive.. If you could help find someone that is willing to help her get her self esteem we would so truely be forever greatful.. I know once her teeth are fixed she wouldn't have any problem getting a good job to support her babies.. Please help me help my daughter get the smile she so truly deserves!

Thank you in advance !

Sincerely ,

Heather Esquivel