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Heart Lockett
Name Heart Lockett
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Hobbies Ellen, Pentatonix, writing, singing, guitar, baking, movie nights, fashion design (nothing much), star gazing, graphic design along with other similar hobbies!
About Me I just want to fulfill my purpose in life! And I want that purpose to have to do with as *many* people as possibly! I love to see people proper and be/do better at bettering themselves, and I love to see people helping each other. I am inspired by those who get inspired, and I believe in self-sufficiency, and a will to help people create their own. I love to have fun & keep my inner child unlocked!! ^_^ And learn from while having fun with Everything Around Me!! Trials are teachers, and people are the vessels of love that get us through them! Love, Learn, Live, Laugh!!! :) ... ...And for goodness sake Light Up! <3
Heart Lockett
Check Out the Pentatonix!
261 days ago

They so deserve this! I am SO excited and thank you for having them on your show! Their Pentaholics are going CRAZY!!! Love you Ellen! LOVE YOU PTX!!! :D