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Hazel DeLoach
Name Hazel DeLoach
Location Byram, Mississippi
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Hobbies Love reading, and playing with my granddaughter. I guess I have gotten to old to do anything else.
About Me I am a 64 year old female. I just got my MBA. I am a grandmother of 4 girls, raising one of them my granddaughter Christi. I don't think you want to hear anymore.
Hazel DeLoach
The One and Only Rihanna!
625 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I love you, and I love your show. You have such a big heart. If there were Ellen's in everybody's city. What a wonderful place it would be to live. I just wanted to say Christi and I love Ellen, and we like Tony too. Hope to see you soon on the 12 days of Christmas give away, ha, ha only if you seen for me, and my friend. I promised her I would take her to your show one day. Oh, by the way I also love Denzel Washington.

Lots of Love,