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Hattie Falin
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Hobbies Writing, reading, listening to rock music, reading, walking in the forest or near the lake, playing computer games, reading
About Me I've been a reader for nearly all my 67 years, and a writer since I was 13. I worked for 28 years as a copy editor at a local newspaper, before being permanently laid off last November. I'm married to a man who is nearly 20 years younger than me. It might work out. We've been together for 29 years, and married for 26 years. I have three adult children (Bekki, Bob and Dave), and six amazing grandchildren (Summer, Jacob, Matt, Dacey, Riley and Luke). Since my layoff, I've been looking for work, but there are only three newspapers in the area, and two of them are owned by the company for whom I worked for 28 years. I cannot get a job, so I subsist on Social Security, and unemployment (which runs out in two weeks). But I watch the Ellen Show every afternoon, because it cheers me up and makes me smile, makes me cry, and makes me feel better every day.
Hattie Falin
Protect Your Home with Nest Protect
189 days ago

Yes, I'm THAT woman! I watch every day, now that I'm "permanently laid off" from my 28-year career as a newspaper copy editor. Love your show, because you make me laugh every day - and sometimes, cry (when you help deserving people)!
Just watched the segment about NEST, and loved it, because we've had a NEST thermostat and smoke detector for some time now, and we love it.
The thermostat is brilliant, because it allows us to set the temp from anywhere (on my hubby's iPad or my phone). Also, the thermostat learns our schedules, and turns the temp up or down, depending on the time of day - or time of year (heat or air conditioning).
I know. YAWN! But ... I wanted to comment because we have had the NEST thermostat for more than a year. My husband is an electronics tech, and loves all things electronic, so he discovered the NEST before it was available in stores.
He ordered one for us, and we've loved it ever since.
Okay. Now that I've put you to sleep .... Thanks for all you do, and thanks for making me laugh every day.
Love and hugs from your biggest fan in Gray, Tennessee (near Bristol, where they keep the Bristol Motor Speedway).

Hattie Falin
Message from Ellen
215 days ago

Never fear! I watch Ellen every day (when I am home, which is ... well ... every day!). I laugh. I cry. I revel in the goodness of Ellen and the happiness she gives all of us, every day.

It's always wonderful when deserving people get rewarded for their every-day goodness. Ellen always makes me feel better about the world we live in.

Ellen makes me believe in hope again. Love you, Ellen! Thanks for making my "life after lay-off" bearable.