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Harriet Brown
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Dear Ellen: Just wanted you to know that I'm enjoying your show and that you're 12 days of giveaways got me really thinking! First, I think your pretty funny and I love your guest.... but more than that, you're a very giving person.... and the world is a nicer place because of folks like yourself. I also enjoy giving and know how great I feel when I am able to do so.
In the past, I've tried to support this wonderful group home I know of that houses six great individuals,three young woman and three great guys by replacing there small old tv with a new larger one, purchasing a well needed lamp and giving gift certificates for in town restrants. They are all special needs individuals and reley on state and federal funding, which has experienced drastic cuts.
This year I'm unemployed and having a tough time getting by myself. It breaks my heart but I won't be able to help this time. I have registered for your 12 days of giveaways though and will stay positive in hopes that I'm chosen so that I can help those whom I feel are less fortunate.

Happy Holidays Everyone...