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Hannah Baker
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About Me I love Taylor Swift with all my heart! I also love Josh Hutcherson(
Hannah Baker
Taylor Swift
645 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I just want to say (if your reading this) I am seriosuly Taylor Swift's # 1 fan! I have loved her ever since I heard "Teardrops On My Gurair" at my friends 6 birthday party. She was 6 I was 5. When I heard Taylor's voice I was like " OMG! I love her can you play any other of her songs?!? What's her name?!? WHO IS THIS AMAZING GIRL?!?" After I heard the song I have loved her! I may have only gone to 1 concert of her but that doesn't mean I m her biggest fan! I go to Wyomissing as well as Taylor did. I sing every day! (All Taylor songs) My teacher's have had Taylor and have given me her projects, papers, cards, everything! My one teacher Miss.Kern is friends with her parents, well her boyfriend is. And lucky me I got to have Taylor's old gutair pick! I charish it and hold it and never let it out of my sight! I even did a project on Taylor and got an A+! Well I love Taylor and I hope you read this! <3 I will be on your show someday just you wait! <3 you and Taylor