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Name Hannah
Location Bunbury, Western Australia
Joined 551 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen, playing the penny whistle, making awesome cakes (I was going to make one of Ellen's head, but I figured it would be pretty sad if she couldn't eat it, and it might not quite taste the same by the time it got there by post) and singing and dancing!
About Me I'm a vegetarian! I'm in year 12 at school, I love to sing and I'm quite an average dancer, but everybody has to put up with it anyway. I suppose I'm known by my friends as the 'crazy one' because it's true :P I'm part of a choir, I do drama and I love animals! Also my ultimate goal in life is to be on The Ellen Show!
Ellen's Got Birthday Gifts!
551 days ago

Ellennnnnnn! I'm currently making your birthday present, but I live in Australia so you won't get it in time! So imma video myself with my bust of you then send it to you and you shall love it and we will all be happy forever. :)
I've also decided that seeing as your birthday is on Australia Day, and you reckon you should have your own public holiday, I'm now going to celebrate Australia Day as Ellen Day too. How much more Australian could you get?
A lot probably.
Happy birthday for 6 days time!