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Name Hannah
Location Pensacola, FL
Age 16
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Hobbies Basketball, volleyball and tweeting.
About Me Iam just a Florida girl who loves the beach but hate the slimmy seeweed lol last i went too the beach I got stung by a jellyfish and that when I learned dont go in the water when there is a purple flag. And iam a huge Justin Bieber fan I mean how can u not like him . :}
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570 days ago

Hey Ellen Happy News Years I love your show u are so helpful to people by making there dream true.And put the funniest things on your show that ill will probably wont see on any other shows but i love it. Can u make my dream come true i know your busy but Iam like the biggest Justin Bieber fan I love everything about him !I just wish I could be just like Paige when he just showed up at her house and surpize her that would be the biggest moment of my life if u did that I just wish i could meet him soo bad that like my dream. Thanks Ellen please read this my phone number is 850 313 4844 if I dont answer please leave a message thanks. :]