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Hanna Rodriguez
Name Hanna Rodriguez
Location Montreal, Quebec
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Hobbies I love make up , I wish to be a make up artist , I love every that have to be with beauty ...
About Me I can only say , that god never abandon you , every time I have bad moment I my live , he was there for show me that exit that I was available to see ...
Hanna Rodriguez
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
216 days ago

Hi Ellen I love you so much , thanks for this wonderful person that you are , please never change and keep going help people in need , like me , we believe in you , and you give us hope for keep going in live ... Thanks
I'm Hanna , I know that you are a busy and special person but if you have the to read my history I will really appreciate , I went to usa to getting marriage , with this nice guy that a meet before , after all that everything change , went we start to live together everything change , he start to hit me ,sexually abuse from me , don't let me go to see my family , And since I didn't speak English at that time , I didn't know what to do , went I decide to leave wast to late , I was pregnant , and everything was worse he hit me went I was pregnant , I leave him went my son was born , was a beautiful baby boy ... So went my son was 3 weeks old , I kick him out , off my house , but he send somebody to kill me , and my son too, I don't have no other choice that left the country and go to Canada and ask for refugee , for domestic violence ... Every start to be okey , but after I start so see something wrong with my son , he was late in everything , he was two years and he can't say mammy , or I love you , my heart just broke in a thousand piece ... My wasn't talk at all, I take him to the Montreal children hospital , and they tell me that my baby have autism , my heart just stop , and since then this little boy become my world , my air , the reason of my life , I can remember the last time that I go out alone ,or have a prive moments with someone , I being dedicate the last ten years of my live to my son , Mickey ... So I'm a single mom , livening in small studio , witch a pay with my walferd check every 1of the month , I buy grocery with a $100 a month , and sometimes is no enough , most of the time , I have to ask food basket twince a month , walking like 10 block with my son , with temperature of -19 or -20 ... Very cold , and my son make cry most of the time because he tell me , mammy don't worry went I grow up , I will buy a car , like this you feet don't gone hurt you no more , and he give a hug and say I love you mommy and tthanks ,and words 3 words just broke my heart , but all this dont matters because I just want to make him happy , and keep going to his special school , for receive his speech therapies , and keep talk , and being available to read , and do things like the rest of the kids , now I feel really proud of him , he is being transfer to regular school with special class , so he was in 1grade class but after 1month , the teacher tell me that he will available to transfer him to grade 2,,,, so my conclusion is that autism is bad , y just a special little persone that need more attencion , that rest of the regular stuff , y dedicate to my baby mickey and feel proud what he become now ,they just need extra love ,and pacience , a lot , but in reward you will receive a inconditional love from them ... so that is my life Ellen , thanks you for being the special persone that you are , my son love you , he sit together and we watch you show on my phone , because we no have tv , and he love went to try this little cars , with this kids .... He don't stop to laugh that you , and all that funny thinks that you do ... And the way you dance .... He say that you are very silly...
Thanks for all the good things that you do for the people , good bless you always , never grow up ,,,, love Hanna and Mickey .