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hanhdung nguyen
Name hanhdung nguyen
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Hobbies driving, reading, movie watching
About Me I'm from Viet Nam, i speak vietnamese and some english (Viet Nam is a small yet beautiful country that located in the South-East Asia) I love the Ellen Show which is why i'm here
hanhdung nguyen
It's Nothing Day
555 days ago

where's your suit? ~~
it's the first time i've seen you not wearing your suit or sweater on the show, so it seems a bit weird. Anyway, you look cool in jean jacket, too

hanhdung nguyen
Subscribe to Ellen's Podcast
603 days ago

wowwww it's so convinient when you put it on itune
now i can download your vid podcasts on my iphone and play it anytime and anywhere i want to
really, really, really good
i love to hear your voice really ~~
i think i am addicted to hear and watch your show everyday now
i dont know if i can stop it someday haha
by the way, i'm downloading your podcast rightnow, really great b/c you did that <3
love you and keep healthy

hanhdung nguyen
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kelly Clarkson
612 days ago

it's so kind of you to do that to all people in need.
you are down to earth
i love you so much
i pray for you and for everyone who's in harsh time
wish u and your family have a joyful and thankful thanksgiving
stay healthy

hanhdung nguyen
Message from Ellen
614 days ago

i wish i could be there at your showwwww
i adore and love you so muchhhhh
i hope you have the best health and wealth so you can keep helping those people in need of help
recently i kind of have the good feeling bc of watching your show, bc of knowing the things you do
you are probably the kindest person i've known so far and i love you for that, for all the things that you tried hard to do for all the people
i will try my best to live like you do, to treat people the way you do, try to give much more than receive, but i dont think i can go vegan at least right now, maybe i will think about it later
did you know that i really love to hear you talk. by that i mean that i like to hear your accent, the sound when you talking kind of good to hear, i really love to hear your voice. and also it helps me to practise listening english, you know i'm not from the english speaking country, so i dont have chance to use english usually
so to help me keep remember vocabs in english and to keep remember what i study so i watch your show; that's the first reason why i watch it, and second is definitely for relax, your show is so funny, so relaxing

bye bye and keep doing the cool things you do, ohh i almost forgot that i want to say : you are so beautiful lady

hanhdung nguyen
Ellen at Taylor Swift Part 1
628 days ago

it seems like this vid has been dissappeared. please reup
thanks alot
btw, hi ellen, i love u and i love ur show, wish u always happy and healthy to make more lot of shows
thank you