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Haley Sambrano
Name Haley Sambrano
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Hobbies playing flute and piccolo and also swimming
About Me My name is Haley Sambrano, I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school, I am a major band geek...yup. (: Music and Justin Bieber are my life.
Haley Sambrano
Justin Bieber
577 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am huge have no idea. Im also a hue fan of yours I seriously watch you everyday. Lets see im just mostlyl normal 15 year girl and I am a band geek, I play flute for Wind ensemble and piccolo for marching band. I know im a nerd, oh well. (:aha. But anyways Justin means so much to me! I have loved him for a little over 3 years now but however I have never been able to see him in concert or anywhere, the closet I have ever gotten to him is my cutout f him I have... yeahh i have one. I haven't goten tickets because honestly my family doesn't have that kind of money so I try not to ask for them a lot even though I would seriously do ANYTHING for them. I have tried so many contest and all sorts of things to get them but I never have. Ellen it would mean the world to me if I could see him. Thanks You.