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Gwen Weick
Name Gwen Weick
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Hobbies Working in my yard, hanging with my grandchildren, handing out with my big sister, walking my dog, and most of all is having a great spouse
About Me I have 5 grand children, I wk part time I babysit twice a wk for my daughter, I had to retire early, because I received a gift and it was (fibromyalgia) I have had 5 back surgery 6 feet surgery 1 hand surgery 1 hand surgery pending So about me, we I am just a girl who, wants to be bionic. But before that happens, I want very much, for my sister and I to make it to one of your Christmases give away. But when I am done with all my surgery s and paying off my bills, I think we will be able to do it. I love your show, thank you for being in my life. I hope you stay healthily and never have to suffer with pain. Keep smiling
Gwen Weick
Freeze Your Boxers Off
563 days ago

Thank you, for being you