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Guadalupe Kendra Facundo
Name Guadalupe Kendra Facundo
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Hobbies I love taking pictures and making short films and playing music. Im an angry girl so I play punk music!! I play guitar and bass. Medicine and science perks my interest so I'm currently studying to be a nurse. But I really like filming and editing videos and recording music on my laptop.
About Me About me? well at first I'm a really shy and awkward person but once I get to know you I will get loud but I'll still be awkward but thats just me. Life's been very tough on me but I can still see the light in the dark and laugh and enjoy the small things in life. Im a strong person but id like to be stronger both mentally and physically. I don't know what else to say about me :)
Guadalupe Kendra Facundo
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96 days ago

Hello Ellen, Ummmm Im the type of person who highly dislikes asking for help because life has never been easy for me so the couple of times that I did gather the courage to ask for help it would usually be a door slammed in my face so Ive stopped asking. The only reason why Im even commenting on here is because A co worker who I just met suggested that I take a chance and share with you a summary of a very long sad story called life. Ever since the very beginning it was hard and two generations before me it was hard which has led me to believe that this is why I'm stuck in a never ending cycle. My grandmother was a wife to a woman abuser and so was my mom, on the day of my birth I was born a month and a half early only because it was my oh so loving fathers fourth attempt to have me aborted and since third time wasn't the charm the fourth time was ( well almost ). My mom still remembers the day that it happened as if it were yesterday not only because it was the day i was born but also the day that we both almost saw the light. We lived in a small town in Michigan called shelby at the time and mom explained that my father had beaten her up and left her in the snow, she doesn't know how long she layed there before help came across her but she remembers looking down and seeing red snow, she was rushed to a small hospital. Long story short I was born but I was not the healthiest baby for obvious reasons. But thankfully after that experience my mom left my dad but since she was a single mom she had to work extra hard with two jobs and deal with me being in and out of hospitals ( I've always felt bad for that) til i was about 6 or 7. After that I was getting better but then life happened again and we were in a car accident then it was my moms turn to be in and out of hospitals, irony. My mom still lives and she is everything I love and only person I have but my whole point of this story is that since she needs back surgery she deals with chronic back pain a lot and deals with other mental illness issues as well and between a lot of doctor visits, school, and work we need a reliable car. I know you must have plenty of folks that are also in need of a car but I feel that my mom deserves something nice for once and since I can't give it her I think this car would be a blessing to her and I, so please read my summary and please take me into deep consideration, than you.

Love,G. Kendra Facundo