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Gricelda Gutierrez
Kellie Pickler, Giuliana and Bill Rancic
473 days ago

Ellen, was in LA 3/16-3/22; I was devastated to hear you'd be in Australia the time I'd be able to go to your show...cried so much, was devastated. Took the VIP tour at Warner Bros and saw your stage (not allowed to take photos :(...saw your cut out photo I wanted to take a pic so bad, but couldn't. I did take a pic of your plaque outside the door w/ u name :) and your parking space. Only, you were missing. My husband tried to take a pic of me underneath your huge photo hanging outside ur state on Olive St. but couldn't fit in my camera, too close and too much traffic. My husband tried his best as he knows how much I love you and ur show..didn't want to get run over by a car LOL..I bought a t-shirt w/ ur name :) at the shop. I'm hoping my dream will come true of one day meeting u in person on ur show. One more thing, I missed Friday's can I view Guiliana & Bill. I could only view Kellie Pickler. Thnx!