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Name Goldie
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About Me I'm 35, have a 15 year old daughter, Jaqulynn. I've see your show, and your unreal the love , and joy you spread all over the world.The last few years I've was in a roll over car accident, broke my neck. I had a neck fusion. Around the same time I got Breast Cancer, had a Double Mastectomy, with reconstruction. Last week I was T-boned, straight to the ER. My 4th disc is now buldging. I have had a partial hysterectomy 2 years ago, I have a pulp in my ovaries. I 2 possible 3 surguries in the next couple months.I just want to have no worry for Christmas. I need Some hope, peace of mind, just for This Christmas. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE ELLEN,READ THIS CAN. My daughter would Love to be invited to the show, me I'm Shy, But it would be our Dream's come true
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528 days ago

I've got my whole family into watching your show. you have a family show. Always smiling, laughing, a feel good show. I'm a brest cancer survivor this past year, still not out of the wood's yet.I want to show other 35 year old women, life isn't over. You look at life, family in a different light.