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gokul surendran
Name gokul surendran
Location coimbatore, tamil nadu
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Hobbies boxing, riding my bike, watching your show, watching your show and watching your show.
About Me A social bum. a big pain in the but and a person who loves your shows and hunting for pirated versions(very sorry) of your first 9 seasons.
gokul surendran
Kate McKinnon Takes Over for Ellen
346 days ago

i had to really pee but instead sat through the whole video, i knew i could pause but i didnt, i knew i could type this latter but i anyway did it now. i hate you for not being a person i could see and talk to everyday, and i love you for everything else. may you live and entertain atleast till i die(probably another 70 years max for me)

gokul surendran
Emily VanCamp Gets Scared!
374 days ago

im sorry ellen but i hunt for pirated versions of your show, cos A. its not available here in india, n B.cant wait to watch your show. that said, mam you are awesome!!