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About Me Undiagnosed ADS (underachiever) syndrome childhood and adulthood. My parents gave me extra time, patience and understanding and the gift of art. I will always be grateful for their most meaningful advice: "Do one thing...Do it well". I always could depend on my ability to illustrate pets and wildlife to supplement our income in tough times. That extra income was gas in our tank. My husband and I were blessed with two very bright healthy children. Our daughter Natalie (first girl in my family tree to finish college) with a degree in Civil Engineering. Our son received his degree in Multi-media Graphic Web Design for a local Television Station.We are so proud. My husband and I bought a small 24'trailer and plan to see more of these United States. We have four traveling couples that join us in the fun. Everyone has a dog or two.
gloria q. thomson
An Incredible Letter from Chris Kluwe
604 days ago

Ellen, your show always brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Your X-Mas Giving project is my opportunity to tell all about a hero right here in our neighborhood. Her name, Noelle Myers, a single mom raising her 10yr old son, Kieran, and her baby girl, Poppy. Poppy is an Apert Syndrome baby (craniofacial and limb disorder).

Noelle and Kieran have shared Poppy's pain and suffering with her never ending surgeries... Noelle is selling x-mas trees and wreaths in preparation for Poppy's next surgery in Texas come January.

I Know you have alot on your table, Ellen. Is there anything you can do for Noelle to make this path a little smoother for her? buy her wreaths and trees, maybe???
ps: you can read Poppy's story at